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Test & Inspection

Statcomm Inc. offers you our Test & Inspection services in addition to the comprehensive fire, sprinkler and life safety services we provide. In providing you, our customer with trained and experienced technicians who can perform these critical tests and inspections, you can have complete confidence that your equipment is safety ready and will pass inspections the fire dept. or marshal will require, keeping you code compliant and penalty free.
Our staff of technicians are highly trained, and certified with multiple years of experience, they know how to get the job done properly and efficiently!

We have provided a little overview of why T&I is necessary and what it will provide you as a property manager, or owner. More in-depth information related to the specific codes can be found on our site by clicking the Codes & Requirements tab. We look forward to providing your company our Test & Inspection services.

National Fire Protection Association
In the late 19th Century, the NFPA was formed to develop safety standards and building techniques to reduce losses caused by fire. Over the years, the NFPA has released numerous standards, called chapters, which cover all aspects of design, installation and testing of building life safety systems.

Other Codes and Standards
In addition to NFPA Codes, there are other organizations that have their own set of codes that are often sited by building inspectors and fire marshals. These include the California Building Code (CBC), the California Fire Code (CFC), the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Fire Code (IFC). In general, buildings that are maintained to the NFPA guidelines also satisfy the requirements of these other standards.

Relevant NFPA Chapters
NFPA 10 - Portable Fire Extinguishers
NFPA 25 - Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
NFPA 72 - Fire Alarm Systems
NFPA 80 - Fire Doors
NFPA 101 - Life Safety Devices, especially Emergency and Exit Lighting

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