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Welcome to Statcomm Incorporated, your All-In-One Fire protection resource. While most fire protection companies will offer you one form of fire protection service or another, Statcomm can offer you ALL the essential services you need to remain code compliant. This means you can work with a SINGLE RESOURCE rather than multiple vendors.

At Statcomm we specialize in resolving the most challenging Fire/Sprinkler system problems by applying our expertise and problem solving techniques to the task.

Statcomm uniquely offers our services to several areas of Complete Life Safety including:

    Fire Alarm Systems
    Fire Sprinkler Systems
    Automatic Gates
    Tele-Entry & Access Control
    Fire-Rated & Rollup Doors
    Inspection & Testing
    Design & Installation

Statcomm currently provides service to over 500+ Home Owner Associations and hundreds of other commercial accounts we proudly call our clients. Call us today and let us add you to our list of satisfied customers.

If you would like to receive a FREE Site Assessment of your property, please contact our Business Development Team at 650-988-9508 or email us at and we will contact you to schedule a date and time for this valuable and essential FIRST STEP in working with our company. Site Assessments include:

  • A walkthrough of your property(s) to gather total counts for all fire, sprinkler, tele-entry, emergency/exit lighting and access control devices
  • Detailed proposal(s) for all services Statcomm can provide. This may include correction of deficiencies found during the Site Assessment and/or violations of codes and regulations that were observed AS A RESULT of the Site Assessment which will be necessary to correct in order to become or remain code compliant
  • Consultation to clarify or explain any aspect of the proposal(s) so your decision can be made with full understanding of the information contained in the proposal(s)

If you need to SCHEDULE a service call for ANY of our divisions or to speak with a company representative, contact our office at 650-988-9508. For general inquiries, contact us at

STATCOMM INC. • 939-C San Rafael Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043 • Tel: 888-988-9508 • 650-988-9508 • Fax: 650-988-9509