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In today's security-conscious society,consumers demand high quality productsinstalled by professionals. Automated gate systems in all shapes and sizes provide a means of controlling vehicle access to residential properties, gated communities, and commercial/industrial sites with a wide range of security requirements. When properly specified and installed, gate systems need to provide the security level anticipated by the customer; but they must do so in a safe and reliable manner. The purpose of this program is to promote the safety awareness and professionalism of the gate operator installers. The gate operator installer’s knowledge is an essential element of a safe and properlyworking automated gate system. The Institute of Door Dealers Education and Accreditation (IDEA) has worked with the American Fence Association (AFA), and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) to establish a program to validate the credentials of individuals who have the experience and skills in the installation and servicing of automated gate systems.

Eligible gate operator installers are those who:

  • Have completed a Self-Study Guide as written and endorsed by AFA and DASMA, and published by IDEA, intended to teach various aspects of automated gate operator systems.
  • Can successfully pass a written examination based upon the information contained within the Self-Study Guide. Applicants for the examination are advised that the Gate Operator Installer Certification examination is based on a high degree of difficulty and is designed to validate exceptional expertise rather than just fundamental knowledge.
  • Have two or more years of field experience both installing and servicing automated gate operator systems. An individual who does not yet have the two years of field experience installing and servicing gate operators may still apply for the certification program, receive the self-study guide, and take the examination. After passing the examination, the final certification will be issued when the two years experience criteria has been met.

Upon completing these three steps as described above, the applicant is awarded the designation of Certified Gate Operator Installer.

Maintaining Certification...
Gate Operator Installer Certification applies for a three year period beginning with the effective date assigned by IDEA after completing all of the program requirements. In order to maintain certification, each applicant will be required to submit a Renewal Application with a renewal fee.
In addition, certified installers must either earn Continuing Education Units pertaining to industry related programs, or submit descriptions of eighteen jobs completed during the three year certification period. IDEA will provide certified installers with additional information regarding the availability of eligible CEU courses.

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