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Fire Systems

Fire Alarm Systems, whether commercial or residential are an essential part of assuring your property and the people there are safe and protected in the case of an emergency.  At Statcomm, we are a COMPLETE RESOURCE for all your fire, and fire sprinkler protection needs. We can install, maintain, service and test everything the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) will require so that you are code compliant.

Having a fire alarm early detection system in place allows prompt evacuation of those on site. The signal will be received by the control center allowing fire authorities to be dispatched, which can minimize loss and damage to property and lives.

Devices that require Test and Inspections quarterly, semi-annually or annually include:

  • Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP)
  • Manual Fire Alarm Pulls
  • Smoke & Heat Detection Devices
  • Duct Detectors
  • Sprinklers and Sprinkler System
  • Audible Horns & Strobes
  • UL Certificates
  • And more!

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