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AG Service Manager
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Desiree Ramirez
Office Manager

  Statcomm Inc, Contractor - Electrical, Mountain View, CA  

Automatic Gates

Statcomm AG Division specializes in the installation of automatic vehicular gates, overhead doors & grilles and pedestrian gates & doors. We are Diamond Certified and UL Certified, meaning the rigorous certification process assures customer satisfaction in receiving premium equipment and quality service. Installations of gates and doors require permits issued from either the city or county.... or both. Optionally, we provide the service of obtaining permits from the city and county.

Statcomm’s AG Division designs, installs, maintains and provides services in the following areas:

  • Automatic Vehicular & Pedestrian Gates.
  • Industrial & Commercial Doors.
  • Tele-Entry, Intercom & Access Control Systems.
  • Refuse Disposal Systems.
  • Specialty Products: Industrial Doors & Dock Leveling Systems.
  • Life Safety Program

We adhere to the guidelines set by the National Fire Protection Association [NFPA 72, 80, 101], Underwriters Labs [UL325], and the American Standard for Test & Materials [ASTMF2200]

If you would like to receive a FREE Site Assessment of your property, please contact our Business Development Team at 650-988-9508 or email us at busdevteam@statcomm.com and we will contact you to schedule a date and time for this valuable and essential FIRST STEP in working with our company.

If you need to SCHEDULE a service call for this division or to speak with a company representative, contact our office at 650-988-9508.

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