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Access Control

Control systems vary in style and functionality. From simple to complex they include standalone devices, telecomm equipment, radio frequency [RF] devices and the internet. Statcomm provides the right access control device to meet client’s requirements of budget, security and management.

As an extension to residential and commercial security gates, and overhead and fire door, design, and periodic maintenance services provided through our Automatic Gates division, the same division is trained and certified to assist you with your entry systems and access control devices. A brief overview of what our team is able to assist you with is listed below:

  1. Telephone Entry Systems
  2. Card / Fob Readers
  3. Digital Keypads
  4. Radio Frequency
  5. Programmable Access Control

Our gates and Access Control division looks forward to the next opportunity we have to provide our award winning service to you.

If you would like to receive a FREE Site Assessment of your property, please contact our Business Development Team at 650-988-9508 or email us at busdevteam@statcomm.com and we will contact you to schedule a date and time for this valuable and essential FIRST STEP in working with our company.

If you need to SCHEDULE a service call for this division or to speak with a company representative, contact our office at 650-988-9508.

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